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SMRG on the Road

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The end-of-year conference season is about to get underway, and we’ve got a big group of staff and students from the Social Media Research Group heading overseas to present at a number of key conferences. Our biggest presence will be at the Association of Internet Researchers conference in Denver next week, where eight SMRG members are presenting a total of eleven papers. Also at AoIR, we’ll officially launch the major new collection Twitter and Society, co-edited in collaboration with our German colleagues Katrin Weller, Merja Mahrt, and Cornelius Puschmann by QUT’s Axel Bruns and Jean Burgess. More on that book very soon!

For now, though, here’s an overview of the conference papers we’ll be presenting at AoIR and elsewhere. We’ll post slides and papers as we can.

Association of Internet Researchers conference, Denver, 24-27 Oct. 2013:

  • Panel: Social Media and Elections: The Use of Twitter in the 2013 Campaigns in Italy, Australia, Germany, and Norway(24 Oct. 2013, 13:40-15:10, in Horace Tabor)
    • Axel Bruns, Tim Highfield, and Theresa Sauter: “#ausvotes Mark Two: Twitter in the 2013 Australian Federal Election”
  • Session: Collaboration and Communication Online(24 Oct. 2013, 15:30-17:00, in Molly Brown)
    • Tim Highfield: “News via Voldemort: The Role of Parody and Satire in Topical Discussions on Twitter
  • Session: Fans and Audiences(25 Oct. 2013, 10:00-11:30, in Molly Brown)
    • Katrin Weller and Axel Bruns: “Friends or Followers? The Relations between German Soccer Clubs and Their Fans on Twitter
  • Panel: Celebrity Crises on Twitter (25 Oct. 2013, 12:50-14:20, in Confluence C):
    • Tim Highfield: “Appropriating Breaking News? The Evolving TwitterCoverage of the Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal”
    • Ana Vimieiro and Renato Vimieiro: “Oscar Pistorius and the Death of Reeva Steenkamp: Mapping Public Opinions on TwitterUsing Frame Analysis and Data Mining”
    • Theresa Sauter and Axel Bruns: “#Pontiff-Ex: The Twitter Community’s Reaction to the Papal Resignation”
  • Session: Power and Game Design(25 Oct. 2013, 14:40-16:10, in Confluence B)
    • John Banks and Darryl Woodford: “Social Media, Data Analytics and Videogames Development: Halfbrick Case Study”
  • Panel: Social Media in Crisis Communication(25 Oct. 2013, 14:40-16:10, in Platte River)
    • Axel Bruns, Jean Burgess, and Avijit Paul: “Cumulative and Comparative Social Media Analytics for Crisis Communication”
  • Panel: Enacting Conflict, Controversy, and Aggression in Online Spaces(26 Oct. 2013, 10:40-12:10, in Lawrence A)
    • Theresa Sauter and Axel Bruns: “Exploring Emotions on #auspol: Polarity, Conservativism and Public Performance in the Twitter Debate on Australian Politics”
  • Roundtable and Book Launch: Twitter and Society and Beyond(26 Oct. 2013, 13:30-15:00, in Confluence B)
    • Jean Burgess, Axel Bruns, and Tim Highfield, with many other Twitter and Society editors and contributors
  • Panel: Slicing Big Data(26 Oct. 2013, 13:30-15:00, in Confluence C)
    • Darryl Woodford: “Twitter, Gambling and Time Sensitive Information”
    • Avijit Paul: “Extracting Important Information from a Social Network Stream during Crisis”

Compromised Data? New Paradigms in Social Media Theory and Methods colloquium, Toronto, 28-29 Oct. 2013

  • Paper: Jean Burgess and Axel Bruns: “Easy Data, Hard Data? TwitterResearch and the Politics of Data Access”
  • Sky Croeser and Tim Highfield: “Mapping Movements, Social Movement Research and Big Data: Critiques and Alternatives”

Uses Across Media: Co-Creation and Participation symposium, Copenhagen, 30-31 Oct. 2013

  • Axel Bruns: “Produsage Revisited”

Digital Methods: Innovative Ansätze zur Analyse öffentlicher Kommunikation im Internet conference, Vienna, 7-9 Nov. 2013

  • Axel Bruns and Theresa Sauter: “Anatomie eines Trending Topics: Retweet-Ketten als Verbreitungsmechanismus für aktuelle Ereignisse”

See you on the road!

About the Author

- Axel Bruns is a Professor in the Digital Media Research Centre at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, where he leads the Digital Publics programme.

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